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Feedback recieved from our Client Osborne following the succesful demolition of the M27 Romsey Road bridge, October 2018.


A massive thank you for your efforts leading up to this weekend and the work itself. Everyone from Highways England, Stakeholders and public are all very impressed and complimentary.

It is quire refreshing to work with such a professional team as yourselvs and the men on the ground, each and every one deserving praise for what they have acheived.

Looking forward to working with you guys again on the next one.
02 Mar 2018
Mark Gibson | regional managing director
Armac achieve 80% on our most recent KPI Audit by Sir Robert McAlpine's at The Majestic, Leeds, thus cementing our aim in achieving Zero Defect on our projects.
download The Former Majestic Theatre, Leeds
11 May 2017
Graeme Todd | Winchester City Council
Please see below praise from residents and Councillors over the success of the project at Friarsgate Car Park, Winchester.
Many thanks for everyone's efforts (Graeme Todd)

I thought you would like to see this.  Praise from a resident makes you realise what a good job this project was.
Please pass on my thanks to all of your team involved in this project (Cllr. Steve Miller)

I have been taking photographs throughout the demolition and rebuilding of Friarsgate Car Park, both from the second floor of the medical centre building opposite and from the ground, and have made a board of seven photographs for the Winchester Photographic Society Panels where I will present it at the meeting this evening. 
May I say at this point, and I have said this to other Councillors such as Fiona (Mather) and Ian (Tait), what a wonderfully successful project this has been.  The demolition was of course very noisy and dusty, with most inconvenience to the medical centre, especially as their building shook at times and the glare for the light on the plastic was almost unbearable for the poor ladies in reception on the second floor, but these are minor points considering what might have been had it not been expertly handled.  The rebuilding was also expertly done and the movement of vehicles was expertly handled with the minimum of convenience to passers-by.  The men on site, some of course I spoke to in order to get some shots from just inside the gates (but only just inside as I was lacking a hard hat!) were extremely polite and pleasant.
All in all I think all Winchester residents should agree it was an excellent project and a great success.  I can't wait to park there, I just hope the charges won't be exorbitant! (GG - Winchester Resident)

16 Mar 2017
Charlie Nicholas | Galliford Try
Thank you both and your teams; for a very good job done together with the tight programmes that you managed to achieve, it was much appreciated.
13 Sep 2016
Simon Hills | Galliford Try
I would like to express the positive experience I've had whilst working with your guys at Lingey House School.  I awarded Armac 'Contractor of the Month' and have passed on my thanks to Jimmy Cusack who ran a very efficient and professional gang of men.  Sadly its very rare these days to work with such well organised, professional and experienced people.
14 Apr 2016
Nick Flexen-Cook | Kier Construction
I feel it incumbent upon me to write to you in respect of the works that you have recently completed for Kier Construction Central at The Brewery Phase II in Cheltenham.  All too often Principal Contractors only have occasion to write to their sub-contractors when things do not go accordingly to plan or go wrong; I am therefore delighted to say that this is not one such instance.

Indeed, I write to express the Company's, the project teams and my sincere thanks for the professional manner in which you executed
your sub-contract.

The demolition, proof digging and removal of underground basements, formation of the piling mat and asbestos removal works on the project were undertaken as cohesive, well managed and exemplary process.  The site itself being located immediately on the High Street frontage of the town centre was strewn with potential safety, public interface and logistical issues.  All of these were discharged in a highly professional and
satisfactory way.

The works were completed on time and without any unforseen events or incidents.

23 Feb 2016
Alan Bell | BAM Construction
I have worked with Armac Demolition on many projects, the last being a complicated phased scheme within a High Street environment.  The project involved the demolition of numerous buildings including isolation and removal of asbestos.

During the works we had visits from both internal and external health and safety advisors including the HSE and throughout the work programme, all the health and safety paperwork and processes were first class.

All staff conducted themselves to a high standard and came across to be fully briefed with an understanding of what was needed both on site, and whilst dealing with neighbouring properties and the general public.

Armac have always been very cost aware when tendering for projects and even show incentives towards ideas.  With their knowledge of demolition and asbestos control/removal then I would have no hesitation to highly recommend them.
25 Jan 2016
Lee Harris | Bowmer & Kirkland
On behalf of Bowmer and Kirkland, I would like to say a big thank you and congratulations on completing the demolition works at Friargate.  Many people have an appreciation of what has been achieved since it started or indeed what was here before we all arrived.  It would be easy to forget the efforts that everyone has put in as we come to an end.

Link bridge demolitions, thousands of panels of asbestos, weekend closures, business occupancy, vagrants, services, Network Rail, Virgin and the Council.  It has been a complicated job especially as the demolition and the new build programmes overlapped.  So much had the potential to go wrong - but it didn't!

I am very pleased to say that there has been little drama on site and we are especially thankful to your operatives who compared to other demolition contractors we have worked with; clearly are more professional and have better work ethics.  The operatives that worked on this site are a credit to Armac.
26 Jun 2014
Simon Barton | Solihull MBC
This is a short note to acknowledge the work you and your team are carrying out and to thank you for the steps you are taking to complete the demolition of Coombes House; in the most effective way possible.
18 Mar 2014
Richard Hague | Balfour Beatty
I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for the professional manner in which you conducted both the demolition and asbestos removal at Ormiston Park.  The continued high standards of both on-site and off-site management and supervision ensured that whatever the problem, a swift solution was found and implemented.