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Armac Group - An unrivalled reuptation for service, safety and reliabilty


Our in-house experts have a wealth of remediation experience and a track record of addressing the most
technically demanding issues in a robust and cost effective manner

We can also integrate any geotechnical requirements and related groundwork packages, such as piling and earthworks. 
Our technical team will provide detailed completion records for the regulator and collateral warranties for the site funders to demonstrate that the site has been remediated to the required standards.

The Company carry significant 'Professional Indemnity' Insurance, which allows us to complete site investigations and/or any necessary risk assessments to fill any gaps in understanding and providing detailed completion reporting.

We have purposely avoided owning any specific 'pet' technology, so that we can employ the most effective solution for each and every site.  Remediation solutions effectively employed to date include:

Soli stabilisation
Chemical oxidation
Pump and treat
Dig and dump
Containment and Permeable Reactive Barriers; and
Monitored Natural Attenuation
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